Top 8 Musical Photo Bombs

kelly ellen

In the wake of Jennifer  Lawrence photo bombing Taylor Swift at The Golden Globes we have complied a list of our favourite musical photo bombs to make this Tuesday morning more entertaining.

1. As an ode to the lady herself, we have made Jennifer and Taylor Swift  number 1 – who doesn’t love her for doing this?


2. Katy Perry – How can you make Katy  look even better? I know, stick a deathly Gaga in the background and voila Katy looks even more amazing than usual.

katy perry

3. Beyoncé – No musical list will ever be complete without Queen B so we have thrown her into the mix. She gets ten points for multi tasking – is there anything Yoncé can’t do? I pray this happens to me at her next concert (please God!)


4. Ferne Cotton – her Radio 1 colleagues initiated the whole photo bomb ‘Ferne Cotton’ craze, and this  y front wearing male caught my eye – if only because he must have been freezing and had sore feet afterwards.


5. Tyler The Creator-  Tyler managed to make Donald Trump look even more ridiculous than ever! I wonder if Donald has this  nipple flashing incident framed in one of his Trump Towers?


6.  Fergie and Jessica Alba – What a photogenic pair these two are, that is until Zach Braff comes along and brings some comedy value to their pose.


7.  Justin Timberlake – Hot off Beyoncé’s tracks JT decided to give his fans a snap to remember.


8. Kelly Clarkson – Ahh look how lovely Portia and Ellen look, unbeknownst to them Kelly has just ruined / made their photo!

kelly ellen

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