TV Presenter Anna Williamson “cannot WAIT for Bounce Festival this year”


Bounce Festival is the action packed weekend of summer holiday activities, entertainment and fun for all the family in Old Deer Park.

anna-williamson-bounce-festivalCreated especially for kids aged up to twelve and their families, Bounce is two full days of fun.

With tons of kids entertainment shows on the Big Stage and activity zones including everything from science experiments to street dance.

We caught up with TV presenter Anna Williamson, who will be playing a big role on the day.

How did you become a TV presenter?

I was in a girl band called Blush when I was 16 and after appearing on lots of Kids telly shows I decided that I quite fancied a go at the presenting stuff too.  I made a showreel and nagged a few producers and eventually I got my chance to have a go…fortunately I didn’t fluff it up!

Who was/were your favourite children’s TV character(s) when you were a kid?

I loved Morph the little plasticine character from Heart Beat, I’m thrilled he’s been resurrected recently!  I also loved Red from Fraggle Rock….I wanted her bunches.

What are you most looking forward to about Bounce Festival?

I cannot WAIT for Bounce this year, it really is such a kitsch bespoke festival and has much more of an experiential interactive feel than any others I’ve been to.  There’s just so much to do, from singing, dancing, making, experiments, eating great food….you really do get your money’s worth and the families just LOVE it.

Who is your favourite Peppa Pig character?

I love George!  So cute and I’m very excited that he and Peppa are going to be at Bounce Festival this year!  I’ll be queuing up for cuddles with everyone else.

anna-w-bounce-300What activities are you going to be taking part in over the weekend?

Everything I possibly can!  I want to join Greg Foot for some blowing up stuff in his science lab and I can’t wait to dance along to all the fab music acts.

Tell us your favourite thing about summertime!

I’m so lucky to travel the world in the name of work but nothing beats a proper English summer.  I’m a home bird at heart and nothing is nicer to me than sitting in the sunshine with your pals, a cooling drink and a 99 flake ice cream in hand!

If you could choose any ice cream flavour which would it be?

I’m a bit boring but I just love vanilla!  So yummy and I crave bowls of it in the summer….everyone needs ice cream in the summer!  If I could invent a flavour it would be cola flavour…I love coca cola.

Bounce really is a great one to come to if you’re dipping your toe into the festival scene.  It’s not too massive that it feels overwhelming, but big enough to have an amazing atmosphere.

Bounce has so many things to do and see and we carefully choose the best of the best to perform and entertain.  Looking forward to welcoming you all on the 16 & 17 August!

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