Tyson Fury: ‘After I destroy Chisora again, I’ll be the person to finally beat Wladimir ’



It isn’t just a 6ft 9in, 18 stone frame that distinguishes Tyson Fury as potentially the biggest superstar in British sport. After 21 consecutive pro wins, the trigger tongued traveller is on the cusp of challenging for the world heavyweight title and don’t expect the build-up to slip beneath the radar.

Everybody, it seems, harbours an opinion on Fury’s fighting talent and kamikaze mindset – and not all of them are favourable – but Tyson continues to grow bolder with each passing victory.

Dormant for 10 months, Fury seeks to shed some rust in an international 10 rounder with American banger Joey Abell at The Copper Box on Saturday 15 February and his disciples and detractors will be equally eager to see how he fares. Few are ambivalent when it comes to Tyson Fury.

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British heavyweight Tyson Fury talks to BoxNation ahead of his channel debut at the Copper Box.

The big fella certainly hadn’t lost his tongue when boxing writer Glynn Evans called to discuss recent developments last Sunday morning!


Last time out, in your IBF eliminator against Steve Cunningham, you were dropped early by a fighter almost three stone lighter than you yet roared back to win by the most spectacular of knockouts in round seven. Do you feel the Cunningham fight enhanced or harmed your image?

I couldn’t care a damn. All I know is that it moved me forward. I’m not bothered how many times I get turned upside down as long as, at the end of the fight, it’s my hand that gets raised and I move closer to my goal.

Everything about the Cunningham fight, from fighting at Madison Square Garden in New York, to the build up, to the knockdown, to the brutal finish, was great experience for me which I’ll bank for later on.

I had a fantastic response from the US media and fans. The Yanks love a fighter who can talk, who’s a showman and I can certainly do all that. They even seemed to love the singing though I doubt I’ll be making that a regular occurrence. I only know three songs. I’ve already exhausted my repertoire.

I really enjoyed the excitement. It was certainly one of the best fights of my career.


After nine months out, what do you expect to achieve from your return to the ring against American puncher Joey Abell on Saturday week. How important is it to you to outshine co-headliner Chisora?

I’m just looking forward to getting back inside the ring, moving around and dusting off a few cobwebs. It’ll also be nice to gain a few quid again because I’ve been away a long time and I’ve mouths to feed.  

It’s a brilliant idea of Frank Warren’s to put me and Dereck side-by-side on two consecutive bills to drum up interest in this potential WBO final eliminator in the summer.

But I’ve no concern whatsoever in outshining Chisora. I’m simply interested in having a couple of warm-ups and a couple of pay cheques to secure the fight with Chisora, a fight where victory will guarantee me moving on to bigger and better things.


You and Del are on course to collide in a WBO final eliminator in the summer. Your first spat was extremely lively both in the build up and after the bell sounded. What can we expect in a rematch?

No two fights are ever the same. We’ll have to see what happens on the night. All heavyweights can punch which is what makes us so exciting, what attracts the fans to watch us.

Dereck gave me a good fight last time – I respect him for that – and has definitely improved since. This time I’m hoping he turns up in shape, no excuses. Last time he only had three months to get himself ready?! How long does he need?

People keep banging on about how he’s lost three stone since then but I doubt that will change anything. It was that added bulk that helped him to absorb my bombs and last the distance last time.

Yes, I’ve shown I can be hurt, shown I can be dropped, but Dereck has shown he can be beat, shown he can be knocked spark out. That’s the form line.

What better passage to a world title could I ask for than a final eliminator against a man that I’ve already beaten convincingly?

After I destroy Chisora again, I’ll be the person to finally beat Wladimir (Klitschko) and go on to become a legend of the sport. There’s not one ounce of doubt in my mind that it’s going to happen.

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