Welcome Pariah “The Charlatans are a massive inspiration to us musically”


Welcome Pariah will support The Charlatans

St Georges Hall, Liverpool

A new date has been set for one the UK’s seminal rock bands to perform as part of the Liverpool International Music Festival (LIMF).

The Charlatans will play a very special gig in the stunning surroundings of St George’s Hall on Friday 8 November. It follows the postponement of the original gig which was due to take place on August Bank Holiday.

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LIMF Music Curator, Yaw Owusu, said: “It’s great news that we’ve been able to reschedule this gig to within a matter of months.

“When we announced The Charlatans were part of the festival line-up we had a fantastic response, so we know fans will be really pleased that the concert is back in the diary.

“Without a doubt it will be a memorable experience to see one of the best live bands around perform in the incredible Great Hall.”

The band are taking time out from their current recording sessions to play the show at the Hall and are delighted to be invited to perform.

Bassist Martin Blunt said: “It’s great to be part of the city’s first International Music Festival, performing in the legendary St George’s Hall venue will be a first for us – the whole band are looking forward to it.”

Welcome Pariah will be one of the acts supporting The Charlatans for this landmark show.  We had to chance to catch up with the Southampton based 3-piece.

welcome pariah

How did you feel when you realised you would be playing with The Charlatans ?

As you can imagine it felt amazing, we finished practice late that night and I’d just missed the last ferry from Sotton docks to the Isle of Wight where I was supposed to be the next day; I was fuming, proper angry! Just after that I had a message from Soup asking us if we wanted to play, I thought it was a joke at first, it’s funny how moments like that leave you remembering where you we’re and exactly what you were doing when you had them! The Charlatans are a massive inspiration to us musically, we may as well have been 18 in the mid 1990’s, they were the sound track to our teenage years, they still are really.

 What are where your thoughts when you saw the magnificent venue ?

It’s an amazing venue, I mean Christ look at it! It’s definitely a massive leap for us to be playing in a venue like that, but we believe in this band and how far we can take it so it’s not something that intimidates us, it’s more like……well……. bring it on this is us!

There seems to be a lot of momentum behind the band at the moment , anything special coming up that people can look out for ?

We’ll be releasing our EP ‘Catch the Moment’ on 22 November. It’s been a long time coming but it’ll be worth the wait for everyone that keeps asking us about it. We’re recording with one of the best producers down our way and he’s helped us to discover a different side to our sound. We’re a live band and we’re proud of that, but we’ve added a lot in the studio that bands in our genre perhaps wouldn’t do, the roots of our music isn’t a secret to anyone, but I think a lot of people will be surprised about what they’re hearing when it comes out. What make this band unique is that although we are massively influenced by so many bands, we’re always trying to hide our influences, there’s noting worse than accepting being pigeon holed, that makes you complacent and we’re always trying to push ourselves musically.

Being Southampton based, how do you think your music will received in Liverpool?

If you were to take a look at the music collection of each band member you’d notice that many of the bands are from Liverpool and other Northern cities. Southampton’s a funny place, musically it’s quite diverse, there’s loads of bands about but our musical inspiration has always been Northern. It isn’t like we’ve consciously decided to be that way but we’ve always felt more of a connection with Northern music, its proper modest, proud and most importantly we cant relate to it lyrically. It’s played a massive part in our lives to be honest, you can’t have grown up listening to the Beatles and not perceive the North as being a romantic place, it’s definitely a Southern take on it, and we’re proud Southamptoners, but we know where our influences come from, we’ll go down well because we understand what made those bands special, they had melody and wrote good songs about life……….and so do we.

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