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Latitude 2006The first ever Latitude Festival line up

Latitude Festival is celebrating its 11th year this July and boy have things changed since it began back in 2006…

Miley Cyrus wasn’t twerking

In 2006 Miley Cyrus was best known as Miley Stewart, the sweet school girl with a very famous, pop star alter-ego called Hannah Montana.

Way before Bangerz was released and she was swinging naked on a wrecking ball, Miley was a Disney superstar desperately trying to hide her real identity from the world.

Justin Timberlake was bringing Sexy Back

Yes, can you believe it’s been a whole TEN YEARS since FutureSex/LoveSounds was released?! No, us neither!

In the summer of 2006, Justin scored his first UK number 1 with Sexy Back which was shortly followed by My Love, Mr JT’s collaboration with TI.

There was no iPhone                          

Back in 2006 the iPhone didn’t exist in the public realm. In fact, the device wasn’t unveiled until January 2007 by Steve Jobs.

This means that in 2006 you couldn’t just download an app that would let you order a takeaway, count the amount of calories consumed in said takeaway or worse still, let you swipe left or right on Tinder – sad times.

Bryan Cranston was better known as Hal

Ten years ago the name ‘Walter White’ meant nothing to us. Nada.

Bryan Cranston was best known as Hal, the caring, if somewhat clumsy father in Malcolm in the Middle, which actually ran until 2006. It wasn’t until a couple of years later in 2008 that Breaking Bad hit our screens.

Who knew ten years ago that Cranston would soon become the one and only Heisenberg?

Being included in Top 8 on Myspace was amazing

While Facebook had already been around for a couple of years and Twitter was actually founded in 2006, the chances are that you were still using Myspace for your social media needs ten years ago.

Having a friend list you in their Top 8 was the ultimate achievement in popularity and something that the nostalgic in us really misses.

Snow Patrol headlined Latitude Festival

Ah, the very first ever Latitude Festival! Snow Patrol, Mogwai and The Zutons were some of the biggest names to play and wow was it a great weekend!

This year will see The Maccabees, The National and New Order take the lead at the festival from the 14th – 17th July.

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Latitude Line-up

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