Why you should spend An Evening With Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas Tickets

Michael Douglas Tickets

Michael Douglas is coming to London on Sunday 30 October where he will be interviewed by Jonathan Ross in front of a live audience – who will also get the chance to ask the man himself some questions!

In honour of this occasion, here are just a few Michael Douglas facts that offer a bit of insight into the kind of stories you may hear on the night…

  • He’s not just an actor. In fact, Douglas was a producer on the Oscar winning 1975 hit ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’!


  • His mantelpiece must be pretty full and shiny.. Douglas has two Oscars, three Golden Globes and an Emmy to his name! *We tried to find a suitable Oscar gif but became distracted by all the funny Leo DiCaprio ones like this…


Anyhoo, back to Michael Douglas…

  • Acting clearly runs in his blood. His parents Diana and Kirk Douglas were both actors
  • When he first started out Douglas used to live with Danny DeVito! Although we doubt the two ever played ‘Who pooped the bed’ (that’s a reference only ‘It’s Always Sunny’ fans will get)


  • According to an interview with US Weekly, Douglas likes to make his own wine in Majorca, Spain


We’re going to leave it there. We don’t want to give you too much before An Evening With Michael Douglas next month!

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