Work With Us – Fan-first Thinking

Here at Eventim we are all about looking after the fans of artists to ensure they receive the best service, from when a ticket is first purchased all the way through until after the show.

We are FAN-FIRST THINKING and will always put your fans as number one priority.

This is how we have put Fan-First Thinking into action.

We ensure real fans are brought to you.

Through our Ticket Alarm sign-up process, it allows us to verify our fans and ensure it is fans who are purchasing the right tickets.

Our shows can be sold solely through our Eventim App …no bots there, just genuine fans looking for tickets.

Fan-to-Fan fair ticket exchange

Our FanSale is a reselling platform that is not only fan fair on prices but is verified and accept as a Ticket Reseller from Google and other search engine sites.

FanSale promises to keep fan data safe and secure, to be efficient and will always have verified fan-to-fan tickets at a fair price.

Fan loyalty.

As fans choose Eventim to buy tickets, we thought it is time we reward them. FanBonus is a free-to-join loyalty scheme. Our loyal Eventim fans can receive an annual cashback voucher for 3% of the customer’s yearly order spend!

Buying a ticket is a precious moment – choose Fan Ticket.

As the ticketing industry is vastly advancing in the digital technology world we still like to retain the precious moment of holding a genuine ticket. Fan ticket is giving the customer a little something extra to take with them from an unforgettable night, at no cost to the customer or you.

Don’t worry – the fan’s ticket still retains all the security features in place but without taking away the aesthetic of a high-quality ticket that can be designed exactly how you want it to be.

We will continue to strive to be the best whilst ensuring fans are always at the forefront of what we do.

Put the fans of your artists first by working with Eventim UK.

About Eventim UK

Eventim UK is a London based ticketing company and part of CTS EVENTIM AG, Europe's largest ticketing provider. As members of STAR (Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers) we comply with a code of practice designed to protect customers.

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