Adam French

I write about all of our upcoming events, plus features, competitions, playlists and anything else I feel like.


Siobhan Baranian

Content and Social Media Editor

Marketeer and Yorkshire Tea enthusiast.
I'm in charge of TicketNews and write about upcoming events, news and fun features from the wonderful world of entertainment.
I particularly love all things comedy related. Well, laughter is the best medicine isn't it?


Music  lover specialising in metal and soundtracks, guitarist and sound engineer working in digital marketing. Loves Metallica, Pink Floyd and Howard Shore to name a just few.

    Laura Johnson

    Marketer by day, gig and theatre goer by night. Passionate about adventure and countryside sports, climbing/hiking, horses, singing and playing guitar.

      Zalando UK

      Guest Blogger



        Gigslutz! We are the noisy neighbour bringing you daily music news, reviews, interviews, opinion and more!


        Helena King

        I love talking to new people and finding out more about what they do (yes I’m incredibly nosy!), and telling the world about all things event related. Always keen to hear about the latest bands and talk about new music!

        Lee Shelton

        I work in the Eventim UK E-commerce team and write about new shows and other bits and bobs here.


        Christina Kutscher

        I mainly write about the fun things- pop & urban music, selfies and random facts that people may or may not want to read about. If you want news on Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry or Beyonce, then I’m your girl.


        Deborah James

        Freelance online editor

        Loves live music. Terrified of mosh pits due to an incident circa 2006 involving a thrown bucket of random warm urine. Watches keenly from safer distances.